Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative Classroom Storage

As you know, when you have 20+ people sharing a room for an entire day, organization is key!  It is important that your classroom looks and feels homey for you and your students.  As a teacher, I was constantly struggling to find ways to keep classroom supplies organized in a way that was attractive and inexpensive.  We'd all love to go to The Container Store and buy a super cute, coordinated organization system, but what teacher can afford that?
The other day, I was browsing around and found this adorable blog with a GREAT idea for supply storage.  This creative mom used old soup cans to make awesome organizers.  Check it out!  Now, I am not very crafty, but I think I could definitely do this.  And, best of all, it's practically free and super cute!  For a classroom, you could decorate the cans with stickers or labels.  You could put a cluster at each table, or on a bookcase.  I also like her idea of using coffee cans for bigger items.  Math manipulatives, anyone?  Genius!

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