Saturday, February 5, 2011

Awesome book for writer's workshop!

My aunt was an English major in college, and she always picks out the best books for my kids!  She got my daughter an adorable picture book for Christmas.  She loves it, and I do too.  I can't help but think about how great it is for writer's workshop.  The book, Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy, is about a little girl who blows a bubble that swallows up her little brother.  The brother gets carried through town in the bubble, with his sister and mother chasing behind.  The best part?  The picture is written in rhyme.  It has a great rhythm, and the writer really experiments with unique and unusual words.  Every time I read it with my daughter, I think about how perfect it would be to inspire your students during writer's workshop.  It's perfect for encouraging your students to try some alliteration and rhythm in their writing.  I think it could also help motivate them to try using some unique words to grab their reader's attention.  Plus, it's a super fun read!

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